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Club Atwater Launches Eco-Friendly “BYOB” Initiative

Updated: May 6, 2019

Building on our vision as a lifestyle leader, Club Atwater is proud to announce our new BYOB - Bring Your Own (Water) Bottle initiative, inspired by our commitment to community.

As of Wednesday, May 1st, we will begin phasing out all plastic and paper cups, joining the global movement to eliminate single-use items and reduce environmental waste.

The waste caused by disposable cups at the Club has become an imminent concern:

  • Every month, between 8,000 and 10,000 cups are discarded at the Club.

  • One person disposing one cup every day creates 23 pounds of waste per year. This means Club Atwater produces over 7,000 pounds of waste each year – just from disposable cups.

  • Due to their plastic lining, paper cups are not recyclable and end up in landfills.

The aim of the Club’s new policy is to create lasting and meaningful impact. By encouraging sustainability within the Club Atwater, we aspire to motivate positive habits that extend beyond our walls and to illustrate that luxury can exist without waste.

Effective immediately, we ask that all Members bring a reusable water bottle to the Club. Drinking fountains are available on every floor with filtered water and convenient bottle-filling taps. For those who aren’t able to bring a bottle, Club Atwater branded water bottles will be available for purchase. During the transition period, paper cups will be available upon request at Reception until May 31st.

We know that change can be a challenge, but together, we can transform for good.

We encourage Members to submit questions or comments to

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