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Introducing Club Cards - our sleek Member access card

Updated: Jun 11, 2019

It is with great enthusiasm that we announce an exciting upgrade to Club Atwater’s Membership. Starting on May 2nd, Club Atwater will be introducing the Club Card, a sleekly-designed membership card that will be required to access the Club.

The Club Card ensures security for Club Atwater and our Members. Each Member will be required to scan their card upon entrance to the Club, ensuring access is restricted to Members and their guests. By eliminating unauthorized entry, our aim is to provide a space that Members can enjoy safely and securely.

The Club Card creates an exclusive membership experience. We believe that privacy and exclusivity are key elements in elevating the membership experience and strengthening the bond between our Members. By ensuring that Club access is restricted to Club Card holders, Members will be able to experience the full benefit of their Membership.

Finally, the Club Card streamlines operations, eliminating system errors. This means a smoother billing process and more knowledgeable, up-to-date membership management team. By using a centralized platform, we aim to provide the utmost personalized and familiar membership experience.

NOTE: In order to ease the transition, we invite all Members to visit Reception before April 1st in order receive their Club Card and have their profile photo taken. Members are encouraged to learn more about our new platform through our Reception team who will be on hand during Club operating hours to assist with any questions or concerns.


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