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Hockey Youth

Performance & Development

HYPD Program

The HYPD Program is the authority on shaping the future hockey players of Montreal into professional athletes; building leadership, confidence, and optimizing their performance. This dry-land hockey program targets young players between the ages of 14-19 who want to maximize their strength, agility and power during the off season. HYPD is offered throughout July & August, and provides NHL level training adapted to this age group. Trainers work to improve strength, coordination, balance, eccentric/concentric power and decision making; all important components to become an undisputed leader on and off the ice. HYPD provides young athletes an experience of a lifetime and a chance to

work like a pro and play like a pro.



  • 8 week program: Starting August 2, 2021. 

  • July 26 - 30 : Individual Assessment & Postural Evaluation 

  • 8 Week periodized structure for optimal results

  • Option of a 3 day/week and 5 day/week training structure

  • 60 minutes Training Sessions

  • Different Scheduling Options

  • 5-10 Individual day passes available to parents while athlete is training.


HYPD program works on improving different abilities specific to hockey players; as reflected in the schedule below:

  • Monday: Lower Body Day (Eccentric & Concentric Power, Balance & Muscular Endurance)

  • Tuesday: Upper Body Day (Strength, Postural & Core Work, Coordination)

  • Wednesday: Interval Training (Agility, Cardiovascular Endurance, Speed)

  • Thursday: Lower Body Day (Eccentric & Concentric Power, Balance & Muscular Endurance)

  • Friday: Upper Body Day (Strength, Postural & Core Work, Coordination)

Program Description


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For Scheduling, every athlete will select their availabilities and will subsequently be divided according to their age, fitness level and schedule.


For safety purposes, and in order to optimize the support, HYPD allows a maximum of 4 athletes per session.

NOTE: Even though HYPD targets young hockey players, this program also fits the criteria of strength and conditioning training of other sports involving acceleration/deceleration cycle; therefore, it is suitable for young football, soccer or rugby players too!


For Pricing Details, Questions & Reservations email: | 514.799.9125

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