Club Atwater would like to introduce long time trainer Elaine Lee. Elaine has been in the field of fitness and health since 1978 and believes strongly in a hands-on approach to her work. Her interest and passion to study health science, healing, and movement stared in the latter years of high school and led to her lifelong pursuit of kinesiology and the healing arts. From working with patients whose conditions can range from Parkinson’s and MS to childhood movement dysfunction, stroke recovery; Elaine’s skillset is quite advanced. Club Atwater is incredibly lucky to have Elaine’s expertise, wisdom, charm, and company at the Club. Club Atwater presents: A candid conversation with Elaine Lee…

Elaine, describe what you do with your clients?  


First of all, I am not a personal trainer; there is no real description for what I do. My job is to analyze and explain the possibilities of why problems exist in the body. I implement strategies for corrective or preventative actions or refer clients to other professionals if necessary. I am an analyst, I analyze.


What do you enjoy most about your profession?


I like to observe movement in the body. The body’s movement tells me a story. Everyone’s body has a story about how they have lived their life and it is not always perfect. Life has crooked paths along the way that we all follow and sometimes we veer off the main road. I try to bring their body back in alignment with their optimal health.  


Describe what “optimal” health is for an individual?


I am an educator, I want to help people understand their body and lifestyle. Optimal health is what your body can achieve and it changes throughout your lifetime; it is dynamic. What was optimal yesterday, may not be what you need today. However, if you refer to one of my sayings: “Success is when your efforts are equal to your abilities,” I’ll help you find and understand your abilities. Optimal health is unique for everyone.


What kind of exercises do you give your clients when you meet with them?


It can be anything from stretching to walking to strengthening, but it can also be reading, forward thinking, positive mindset, or taking a break.

How do you motivate your clients to achieve their optimal health?


It is not up to me to get you (the client) to do something, it is up to you. It is never about me, so what do you want? Can I help you? And we may determine that “yes I can help” or “no I cannot help” or “Let’s Try!” If I am not the right person, that is fine, but at least we explored it. But at the end of the day, I can speak, talk, and educate all you want, but if you don’t want to hear it and if you aren’t prepared to do the work, then don’t see me. I will prove to you the help you need methodically and scientifically, but you have to do the work.


Any interesting stories or funny moments throughout your career that you can share with us?


Everyone’s story is complicated and serious; therefore, interesting.

How do you achieve your optimal health goals?


Balance. We need balance. And I don’t mean extreme balance: getting drunk one day and then staying sober the next, isn’t balance. Just because I didn’t work out today does not mean I go crazy the next. Mathematically it may average out, but that is not how your body works.


Is it easy to for you to balance or find your center?


I have the luxury of being in the last third of my lifespan, so I have all those years of practice. Does it get easier? No, but the practice of doing it becomes more natural. And still, some days I want to throw something at the window. I learn about things that I need to be better at all the time. The practice of self-reflection to learn and move forward becomes more natural.


Why work exclusively at Club Atwater?


I am old school. Club Atwater suits my clientele best; they feel safe when they are here. I need a space where my clients won’t get overwhelmed with the behaviours and actions of those around them or within their environment. My clients come to me for analysis, they need an answer and solution and Club Atwater gives us the environment where we can focus on one another best.

If someone were interested in your line of work, what would you recommend?


Education is always beneficial. Knowledge is always beneficial, and by that, I mean real knowledge, tested knowledge, scientific knowledge.

Any advice for our readers?


You need good teachers; plural. Not a leader, someone you can learn from and not follow.


We thank Elaine Lee for taking the time to speak with us and share her wisdom. If you are interested in meeting with Elaine for a Personal Training session, please click the link below!