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Health, wellness and fitness are more than just hitting the gym

Of course we know all about power, strength and endurance. But we also know about flexibility, agility, coordination, freedom of movement, rest, nutrition and hydration. We believe in a functional body that will bring you all the pleasures of training, sports, and activities; even the simple pleasures of a day with the kids or a superb mountain hike.

Club Atwater multidisciplinary team is client-focused. Therapists and coaches collaborate with trainers and fitness instructors to bring you a highly effective group, working in synergy for your performance, and your well-being.

We invite you to come discover a huge variety of health, wellness, fitness services and programs for all ages and levels.

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Our physio, osteo, and massage therapists can write insurance receipts. For Health & Wellness services information or appointment booking, please call (514) 935-2431 or e-mail at

If you are new to training, you tend to get injured, or you have questions before you get started, we strongly recommend you book your free Wellness Consultation.