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Ron Fletcher Pilates
Joseph Pilates created Contrology body conditioning in the 20's. The method builds a lean physique with flexibility, strength, endurance; emphasizing spinal / pelvic alignment, stress busting breathing, core strength, coordination and balance. Our specialist, Sylvie, studied directly under "first-generation teacher" Ron Fletcher; a dancer, choreographer who studied directly under Joseph Pilates. Fletcher's Work incorporates movement and dance into the equipment-centric structure of Pilates. Sylvie was a pioneer, opening one of the first Fletcher Pilates studios in Montreal back in the 90's. She started her practice at Club Atwater in the early 2000's.

"Therapy for the whole body", a concept developed by French osteopath Guy Voyer, under which Sylvie studied. It consists of manual methods as well as Myofascial Stretching, ELDOA's, strengthening and proprioception exercises. Sylvie prescribes your do-at-home exercises to speed up recovery, prevent painful misalignment issues and increase mobility and workout benefits.

Practitioner : Sylvie Chapdelaine and Jen Wende

30 and 60 minute sessions available in: private, duos, trios or quatuors.

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